We invite you to heal, awaken and transform your life.


You can live with clear intention, a peaceful presence, purpose and joy. You can feel deeply connected, awake and inspired within the Bodhi Heart community. Here at Bodhi Heart, we compassionately provide channeled healing and guidance from Spirit.

We work with mentors and guides in Spirit, facilitating deep healing at a soul level, enriching and inspiring your life journey. As channels, we connect to loving, high frequency spiritual beings, sharing wisdom to help you feel a calm, peaceful strength that enables purposeful and conscious living.

We are devoted intuitive healers, mediums, mentors and shamans – providing intuitive services to increase the light of your soul and illuminate your path. When your light is bright, it will illuminate the lives of others.


We invite you to join us ONLINE for individual sessions and group workshops, and selected services IN-PERSON.



Shamanic Healing, Soul Readings & Energy Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Trauma Therapy & Recovery, Anxiety & Depression Healing, Spiritual Mentorship, Meditation & Sound Healing, Workshops, Training & Retreats

Healing, Spiritual Counselling and Mentoring sessions are available online via Zoom or Skype, and selected services in-person.

You can book your session below or contact us for further information.

There is a thousand ways to kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again. ~ Rumi

Kind words from beloved clients

I have been working with Liz for a little over a year now, and in that time my life has transformed from the inside out. Through her gentle guidance and support, she has helped me to tap into the healing skills that were inside of me all along. I just needed someone to show me how to use them! Liz held space for me until I learnt to hold space for myself. I am stronger, healthier, happier, and more stable than I’ve ever been. Annie

Nat, you have helped me in more ways than I can possibly say. After years of attempts to heal, you are the first person who has really seen me. I have always got so frustrated that no-one takes the time to truly understand. Thank you for being you! Truly, thank you so much. Much love. Lisa

I worked with Liz and wow.. what a beautiful, shining light she is. I felt completely safe and held through our entire session. Liz was able to draw out blockages and introduce me to myself in a beautiful new way. These sessions are not just the time at Bodhi, they stretch for a long while after. What you learn about yourself and the deep feeling of support continues. In fact I know I will never forget this incredible session with Liz. I will definitely book again and would recommend Bodhi Heart to anyone feeling a tug to go deeper within. Ash

Natalie’s healing session was phenomenal! I began trusting myself and the importance of following my heart. The advice she gave me from my guides and higher self, transformed my life! I can’t recommend her highly enough! Meghan

Liz is simply divine, she is the sugar that helps the medicine of your life lessons go down. Her warmth and gentle guidance provides safe sanctuary for the truths of your soul to be heard. Kathy

I went to see Nat after breaking up with a man who I knew wasn’t good for me, but who I kept going back too. I felt frustrated and lonely. During the healing, Nat cut energy chains from my ankles that kept me tied to my now ex-boyfriend. She then balanced our relationship, leaving me with a feeling of peace. Nat also went through my past and healed parts of my soul that had been hurt in my childhood. In can’t believe how much her session has changed my life!” Willow

Liz, this work has definitely been giving me some respite. The last couple of days I’ve felt more stable than I have in a while. I’ve found myself letting go of thinking too much and holding onto every thought like I usually do, constantly trying to “figure things out” and it seems to be helping. Makes me realise how much I normally rely on my mind and how exhausting it can be. Such valuable things to be learning, so thankful to be on this journey. Kate

Natalie I have spent a lot of time thinking about our session together. I feel like I have been unraveled. It feels good. I feel strangely free and in control of my life. Not in control by my mind, but letting my heart steer the way. It feels unfamiliar but amazing. Simon

Liz supported, guided me and gave me the courage to go back to issues earlier within my life in order to heal them. Liz challenged me to look deeper within myself and asked me to go past my mind to see the depth of who I really am, and I have now learned how to appreciate myself and what I have to offer within my community. I recognise the difference between my head, my heart and my gut and I can travel forward confidently within myself listening more to the truth from my heart and not the stories in my head. Meryl

Meeting Natalie has been a transformative experience for me. Her spiritual knowledge and depth of empathy and ability to hold such a loving space is a blessing to witness and be held in. Each session has brought new insights and guidance to me that have been invaluable in my spiritual growth. I highly recommend a session with Natalie for anyone seeking growth and healing from the highest source of love and light. Lisa