Tools & practices to support your journey.

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44 – Oracle Card Deck – $25.00

This beautifully designed card deck was created with the intention of supporting women to re-connect with their inner wisdom in daily life.  The uniquely channelled card messages spark gentle self-inquiry, awakening the wisdom of the heart. Used daily, the cards facilitate a rich relationship with your deeper Self. Individually themed messages are printed on the cards, eliminating the need to consult a separate guide book.

The cards aesthetic features a soft watercolour design in blue and green hues, interlaced with subtle feather imagery, chosen to reflect the flow of feminine knowing that can be accessed through the heart.

The card deck is printed locally in Western Australia, on high quality card with a stunning matt finish. They come housed in a locally sourced, hand-made, hand stamped cotton bag. Each deck is cleansed and blessed before being packaged and sent to its new owner.

Postage charged at $8.50.


Incense Jar + Charcoal – $20.00

Lovingly crafted to invite the energy of tenderness, calm presence and peace. Assisting entry into a world between worlds, and beyond the veil. Specially crafted for rituals and clearing space, this blend enhances dream quality and clarity of messages and intuition. May this blend raise your vibration. This is an invitation for peaceful energy to gently cocoon you, as you venture on your dreamtime journey. Your order includes one jar of incense and free charcoal plates.

Qualities: Clearing space, enhancing intuition, enhancing dream quality and clarity, clearing nightmares, welcoming dreamtime bliss, calm-joy and clear vision. Symbolic of loyalty, optimism and honesty.

Blend: Rose, mugwort, rocksalt, lavender blossoms and chrysanthemum. Also contains natural resins – olibanum, myrrh and frankincense.

Instructions for Use: Add a small amount to a heated charcoal plate (free with incense) – continue to add fresh incense as it burns from the charcoal plate. Alternatively use an oil burner – adding a base oil to dish first, followed by a generous amount of incense on top of the oil. *Do not leave burning incense unattended.

Postage charged at $8.50.