“Heal the Soul first, then the healing of the mind and body will follow.” ~ Zhi Gang Sha


At Bodhi Heart, we facilitate healing and expansion of the soul, supporting you to transform your life to feel greater peace, joy and purpose. As a spiritual being, having a human experience, it is natural that you will bump up against blockages of energy that may leave you feeling exhausted, disconnected, confused and in pain at different times in your life. Layer by layer, channeled energy will help recover and heal all parts of you. Connecting you into your heart, your purpose, a deeper sense of worthiness, clarity and freedom.


As humans we truly are complicated beings. However when we have an understanding of our energy, what it needs, how to navigate it, heal it and flow with it – all parts of ourself can be gently rewoven back together.


Bodhi Heart healings go beyond a chakra balance, as the chakra system (albeit important), is only a small portion of your energy frequencies and currents. We work from the understanding that each person is a soul. We are able to balance the chakras – however a soul session will facilitate healing across a number of energetic layers and threads, beyond your energy centres.

It is common for each of us to experience the dimming of our own light, caused by experiences of the past and present, people and places. As we release threads from ancestral patterning, cultural conditioning, birth, trauma, life experiences, attachments and energetic clusters that keep the soul bound, the soul is restored, becoming luminous and bright.



Sessions are organic in flow, and as unique as each individual who visits Bodhi Heart. Soul sessions are offered for anyone experiencing stuckness, lack of purpose, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, self-sabotaging cycles, addiction, lack of self-worth, confusion, awakening symptoms and more.

Embodying eastern and western healing therapies, your session may include Soul Reading, Shamanic Soul Timelines, Healing Telepathy, Channeled Guidance, Spiritual Counselling, Breathwork, Trauma Therapy, Sound Therapy and Light Language.

60 Mins – $90 incl GST

These sessions are a combination of reiki, energy healing, and the sharing of practical techniques and practices to help you navigate increasing stress and strain on the nervous system. Sessions are held online via Zoom or Skype.


2 Hrs – $160 incl GST
3 Hrs – $230 incl GST

Within a Soul Session we work as channels to facilitate healing at a soul level, enriching and inspiring your life journey. We connect to high frequency spiritual beings, to channel healing energy and wisdom to help you feel a calm, peaceful strength that enables purposeful and conscious living. During your session we are also guided to areas of density within the energetic body that require clearing, releasing and healing, allowing you to reconnect with your inner light, purpose and peace.

1.5 Hrs – $125 incl GST
A beautiful restorative session, where you are invited to rest and be. We call upon your highest guides to be present for your healing and invite channels of light to gracefully flow over and through you, whilst using sound frequencies to balance your energy. This is wonderful session to book if you feel exhausted, need a clearing, feel dense energy around you, and if you have been around negative people. Suitable for all, including youths and young adults, a Energy Rejuvenation Session is a beautiful gift to yourself, and for those you love.


2 Hrs – $160 incl GST

Somatic Sessions weave together tools for your own empowerment, trauma relief and recovery. Sessions may include a combination of soul line healing, channeled guidance, energy clearing, energy medicine, central nervous system relief, sound therapy, trauma yoga therapy and breathwork. Please book a Soul Session before booking a Somatic Healing Session. It is important to work with the soul, and then the body – as this integration relieves the mind.

90 Mins – $125 incl GST
2 Hours – $160 incl GST

Are you energy aware and want to connect with, and develop your intuition? We believe that the path of energy healing, is one in which we first heal ourselves, in order to hold a space for healing others. Individual mentoring sessions offer you a safe and fun container in which you learn how to connect with your intuition, source energy, how to follow, navigate and track your energy, in your environment and the energy of others. Discover your own unique soul medicine, and how to share it with others.



Full services can be viewed below.
Full services can be viewed below.

Bodhi Heart offers you a welcoming and peaceful space, to support your journey of soul and heart awakening. We offer services to help you heal and connect into your soul wisdom, purpose and divinity. Whether you are seeking healing, guidance or awakening – we are here for you!

Individual sessions are available online, and selected services are available in-person.

Appointments are available Monday – Saturday *waitlists may apply

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please take a moment to read our cancellation policy.

* Appointment no-shows will incur a charge of 50% of session cost.
* Cancellations notified less than 24 hours before scheduled session, incur a charge of 25% of session cost.

* All cancellations incur a small admin fee to process your refund.
* If you need to reschedule, please contact us so we can offer your appointment to someone on our waiting list. We will happily reschedule you to a more suitable time.

If you are unable to find a suitable booking time, or require alternative payment options, please contact Bodhi Heart directly and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Testimonials from beloved clients

I love going to see Natalie! She has helped my family and I through so much grief and anguish. She works with integrity and heart. With her help, my daughter and I have been able heal from loss; and find a sense of peace and unity that we were both longing for. She is just gorgeous! Highly recommended! Natasha

I worked with Liz and wow.. what a beautiful, shining light she is. I felt completely safe and held through our entire session. Liz was able to draw out blockages and introduce me to myself in a beautiful new way. These sessions are not just the time at Bodhi, they stretch for a long while after. What you learn about yourself and the deep feeling of support continues. In fact I know I will never forget this incredible session with Liz. I will definitely book again and would recommend Bodhi Heart to anyone feeling a tug to go deeper within. Ash

Wow! I feel so much lighter after going to see Natalie. I am a Psychologist who felt trapped and inauthentic. I couldn’t help my patients at their deepest levels of healing because I was avoiding my own trauma and pain. I will always be grateful to Natalie for her open-heart and loving work. I now recommend my own clients to her and I watch them bloom as I did. Val

Liz I learned so much from our session and it’s been brewing away in my mind all week. I can’t thank you enough for holding such a constructive space. Thank you again for the amazing work that you do. I’m so thankful that people like you exist and use your gifts to make a difference. That was such a valuable experience for me.

Meeting Natalie has been a transformative experience for me. Her spiritual knowledge and depth of empathy and ability to hold such a loving space is a blessing to witness and be held in. Each session has brought new insights and guidance to me that have been invaluable in my spiritual growth. I highly recommend a session with Natalie for anyone seeking growth and healing from the highest source of love and light. Lisa

Liz, It was great to meet you, and thank you! You are truly amazing, and you have a gift. I look forward to seeing you next time! Best love! Brett