Bodhi Heart lovingly offers channeled spiritual guidance, soul readings, spiritual healing and mentoring services.

Bookings are held Monday – Friday & Saturday


Bodhi Heart offers a warm, love-filled and peaceful space to support your journey of soul and heart awakening. We humbly offer services to help you heal and connect into your soul wisdom, purpose and divinity.

Within this community you will feel calm, safe, seen and inspired. You will feel connected into the energy of love and abundance –  cocooned in a cozy, inviting energy that embodies a sense of calm. It is here that your heart’s desire and yearnings will be witnessed and met. Whether you are seeking healing, guidance or awakening – we are here for you!

Bodhi Heart offers individual sessions (in-person or via Skype), group events, workshops and retreats. All sessions are channeled and guided by spirit. Services are held in the beautiful space located within Body Riches Massage, 302 South Tce South Fremantle.

Energy healing, soul guidance and mentoring services include:


Shamanic healing, ancestral & childhood healing, birth healing, trauma healing & recovery, soul readings & retrieval, release of energetic attachments, breaking of negative cycles, healing telepathy, rebalance of energy regarding anxiety and depression, relationship healing, heart healing, soul purpose alignments, trauma and addiction recovery, spiritual / awakening mentorship.

When you make a booking there is no need to choose a specific healing service – this will be illuminated and lovingly tended to in your session. Simply decide the length of your session – choose from a 1.5 hr or 3 hr soul session. It is highly recommended that you attend more than one session.



These sessions are sacred – a time for you be nurtured, held and guided.

Sessions are provided to help you to compassionately understand your truth, heal, awaken and receive loving guidance. During our time together you will honour yourself, embodying self-love and illuminating the auspicious light within you.



Liz Smith and Natalie Seigne are the co-founders and practitioners of Bodhi Heart; Centre for Love & Healing. To learn more about their individual stories, and how they can support you through a soul healing session, please click on the images below.

Liz Smith – Channel, Intuitive Energy Healer, Soul Mentor & Meditation Teacher

It is a joy to assist in the awakening and healing of your Self and Soul – helping you to feel at ease, and in alignment. With the help of many celestial guides, I share high transmissions of light to clear your energy field, restore your Soul and align your vibration with your emerging Self. As a channel, I lovingly share guidance for your Soul’s healing and growth, facilitating an experience of true peace, and inspiring you to play an active role in your healing. As your heart awakens, I teach you to compassionately recognise your inner patterning and how to heal, soothe and nurture love for yourself.

Natalie Seigne – Shaman, Intuitive Energy Healer, Channel & Spiritual Mentor.

It is my purpose to help beautiful people like YOU to heal, feel their best and live their best life. Healing sessions lovingly provide soul medicine that heals the heart, restores happiness, mental clarity and feelings of calm. Energy and healing guidance is channeled, healing and restoring your heart, mind, body, and Soul. These healing sessions bring light to your Soul, illuminating your path and purpose. Sessions are transformational, uplifting and rejuvenating – providing inspiration and awakenings so that you can live the life you dream about and feel the way you desire to feel.




*waitlists may apply

Testimonials from beloved clients



I love going to see Natalie! She has helped my family and I through so much grief and anguish. She works with integrity and heart. With her help, my daughter and I have been able heal from loss; and find a sense of peace and unity that we were both longing for. She is just gorgeous! Highly recommended! ~ Natasha

Just wanted to say thank you sooooo much for our 1 on 1 session Liz. It has been so helpful and I feel such a shift. I feel a lot calmer at ease and grounded.  So grateful for the experience and the tools you gave me. ~ Kate

Wow! I feel so much lighter after going to see Natalie. I am a Psychologist who felt trapped and inauthentic. I couldn’t help my patients at their deepest levels of healing because I was avoiding my own trauma and pain. I will always be grateful to Natalie for her open-heart and loving work. I now recommend my own clients to her and I watch them bloom as I did. ~ Val

Natalie seems to have a beautiful way of soothing my soul and bringing me back together. I had never been to see anyone like her before, but now I wish I had met her years ago. I tell my closest friends and family to book in a session with her. She is honest, sincere and a has changed my life in the most unbelievable ways. I am very grateful. ~ John

Liz is simply divine, she is the sugar that helps the medicine of your life lessons go down. Her warmth and gentle guidance provides safe sanctuary for the truths of your soul to be heard. ~ Kathy