Natalie Seigne

Healer, Channel & Soul Guide

I am a Healer from Aoteroa, also known as New Zealand. My spiritual gifts come from soul wisdom and ancestral wisdom, woven within my own soul. Above all, I believe that it is my love, connection and understanding of the land and sea – nature, that has been my biggest influence. I compassionately see people through the lens of my heart, guiding my intuitive abilities and spiritual growth.

My spiritual gifts include balancing energy, restoring the health of the Soul, Hawaiian Shamanism, telepathy, removing attachments and working with the devine light that is the I AM.


I am Clairvoyant and specialise in Trans-mediumship, with a clear and strong connection with spirit. My ability to feel energy, read energy and see energy – enables me to shift dense energy quickly, rebalancing the mind, body and soul. I believe in the strength of my Soul and honour this wisdom, and the light that I share with my clients.

With humility, I deeply trust and understand that my sessions are transformational. I have both local and international clients whom I work with in person and over skype and zoom. I am affectionately known for being able to speak directly to the soul and unconscious, helping to heal both the living, and the healing of soul’s who have already passed. My energy channels are very high, strongly protected, and are the purest form of LOVE.

I am a Mother of two wonderful children, a wife of a very grounded husband, and two fur-babies (mischievous dogs). I work with people during 1:1 sessions and groups, locally and internationally. Also facilitating retreats in Western Australia and New Zealand.

I believe that to be well in spirit, is the most important wellness. To feel healthy in spirit lifts the physical and mental state to an extra-ordinary level that we all deserve. We are all affected by this. This is my greatest gift as a Healer, to lift the spirit and ease the heart and soul.

I have the ability to see and understand things that the majority of people cannot perceive. I listen with my heart to the songs of the soul, the essence of nature. I watch energy, the light and the dark. Moving and shifting energy under guidance. I communicate with spirit in many ways, honestly sharing what comes through.

Not everything in the world has to be understood and can be comprehended by the mind. But the heart can feel to understand if we have the courage and intent to listen. I am gifted at being able to understand this language.

With help from spiritual guides, I weave and repair life and wellness by untangling energy, lifting clouds of internal and external energy. Dark thoughts disappear, pain and dis-ease feel alleviated. A calm strength often emerges. A brightening of the soul.

Everything is a search for light. People come to see me for many reasons; depression, anxiety, heart break, trauma, abuse, discovering purpose and soul gifts. They come for cleansing, generational healing, for help with mental and physical pain. Many people have tears flowing inside, more than on the outside. A sadness and inner cloud that I can lift.

Natalie is the real deal. In just one session I felt as though the difficult barriers in my life shifted. She is so insightful, thoughtful and caring and has a unique ability to guide and to heal. I am filled with gratitude for how much of yourself you give to this task Nat. With much love and thanks. Nick.   

Healings help people put their heart into their life. To breath differently. There is a difference between living, and really living. Responding to life and creating it. If your heart is open to change, it is certainly possible. Healings can be the guiding light, the door to change. After healings, I know people experience an expanse of their spirit. A freeing of the mind. They can hear the singing of the mountains, laughter in the trees, dancing in the light. There was things that are felt, not always understood.

It has taken many years to feel comfortable and accept my spiritual gifts. I struggled against them, working with science and rational reasoning, resisting spirit and energy; stuffing them into the ‘too weird’ basket. Hoping they could be ignored and would eventually go away. I often questioned my sanity and would feel lonely as I expected no one would ‘get it’ or understand if I explained my intuition and communication with spirit.  Thankfully, I now embrace all that I am. The weird, the wonderful – the unique language that I speak with spirit. I feel humbled, understanding that it takes a compassionate and non-judgemental heart. I am proud of these qualities.

How it all started?

People often ask me how long I have been working with spirit. A Healer. The honest answer is, my whole life. Although, I didn’t recognised this as true until I fully embraced my intuition and spiritual gifts when I was 32yrs old (a bit of a late bloomer!).
How everything got pushed to the surface for me was a complete accident. Sadly, it begun with grief, when one of husband’s best friends died in England. We were living in Perth at the time. My husband was devastated.
Sitting quietly with my husband a few hours after we heard the news, I felt and saw his friend, the one who had just passed, walk into the room. I had noticed a huge shift energetically in the room before I saw him. The feeling of peace and love is indescribable. I couldn’t stop smiling. If you have ever felt this, you will know exactly what I mean.
Speaking directly to me, unknown and unseen by my husband, I was asked to facilitate a conversation between my husband and his friend. It wasn’t scary. It was effortless – full of tears and laughter. The healing that occurred during this time was wonderful for my husband. He was able to say goodbye. He felt peace. He felt loved.
This was definitely the beginning of a long journey and acceptance of my gifts, fine tuning and understanding. I am far from done. I will always be a student and a seeker … but I have expanded my own spirit and abilities hugely over the years. Learning that I am a Healer, bridging heaven and earth, this is my purpose and heart-based service to the world. Working with energy, shifting and healing – is my nature and soul’s contract. It is an honour.
Love always,
Natalie’s qualifications:
Reiki Master
Yoga Therapist – Trauma & Somatic Work
Clinical Nutritionist
Neuro Linguistic Practitioner