Natalie Seigne

Shaman, Intuitive Energy Healer, Channel & Spiritual Mentor

Loved ones, my name is Natalie Seigne. Thank you for taking the time to read this information, to connect into my energy and for following your intuition that has led you here. I truly believe you are reading this because you have been led too.

I am a compassionate Shaman, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Mentor and Channel. It is an honour to provide loving healings, spiritual guidance and soul readings for all who seek my heart-led offerings. I am humbled by each individual who comes to see me.

My spirit-led services include, but are not limited to; soul readings, ancestral healing, healing of the heart, the breaking of energy cycles and vibrations, release of negative attachments, childhood healing, loss and passing of a baby, trauma work and anxiety and depression healing. I am also gifted at telepathy and use this gift to assist with healing.


My purpose is to assist with the healing of soul wounds and wounds of the heart.

I am able to balance the energy flow within the body, and the flow of energy outside of the body (aura). This includes the chakra system and the relationship between masculine (head) and feminine energy (heart). Working with the many symbols within your soul, I can help unlock sacred soul wisdom that will both enlighten and awaken you!

One of my great joys is to assist those who need help to understand their soul purpose/s, to release fear and live with joy. Within these sessions, I help people connect into their Divine light. To feel worthy and accept their purpose. Together we are able to illuminate your path and help you to live with clear intention. These sessions are wonderful to lift dense energy, and release old patterns, feelings of ‘stuckness’ and lethargy. You will be supported to truly, freely walk towards the desires and yearnings of your soul.

With much joy, I work with spiritual guides and mentors to provide each one of my clients exactly what they need during their sessions. The flow within the sessions can vary hugely, although the energy that is channeled is always the same; loving, wise, healing, and full of joy and kindness. I channel a collective consciousness of ethereal beings. These beings are incredibly wise and for me, represented by one guide, Joseph. I hold deep love, reverence, honour and respect for the guidance and love shown by this field of energy.

People come to see me from all over the world. I invite personal, one-one sessions, Skype sessions and long distance support and guidance.

Stepping aside from my spiritual work, I am a mother of two treasured children and a wife of a very grounded husband. I have two beautiful fur-babies, my beloved dogs, Crank and Charlie. I am a passionate crafter of food (especially chocolate), a free-flowing dancer, yogi and lover of music.

I am doing my best to live my human experience as best I can. I am constantly trying to show up to the lesson of slowing down, and to live with a surrendered heart. I believe that life is happening for me, not too me. Although, sometimes, I do need to be reminded of this.

I look forward to meeting you and channeling a heart led and spirit guided session for you!

So much love & blessings,

Natalie x