Liz Smith 

Channel, Energy Intuitive, Soul Healing & Embodiment Teacher

Hello and welcome here, I’m Liz Smith and I’m so glad that you followed the inner guidance that led you here. I believe our soul is always whispering, leading us to experiences that illuminate the wisdom we are ready to hear. 

In daily life I’m mum to three glorious kids, wife to a big-hearted man, a Channel, Energy Intuitive, and Soul Healing + Embodied Meditation Teacher. Humanity is in a deep and long healing process. My joy comes from teaching others how to navigate the energy of their life, heal past traumas and connect with an infinite source of ease, peace and purpose.

To understand why you may feel called to work with me, let me share how I came to follow this path. In 2012 I experienced a brief yet impactful spiritual awakening. In a moment of deep despair, I experienced a state of being that I can best describe as my fully awake, conscious self. Aware of, yet unattached to my small self with its myriad of layers, emotional pain, conditioning and human habits. This temporary shift in consciousness served as a compass, offering a re-direction back to a path I had glimpsed in my youth.

Following my initial spiritual awakening, awakenings continued to unfold as my commitment to practices in meditation, breath, body and energy work naturally evolved. I spent years healing, and learning how to grow a relationship with my mind, body and intuition. Over time I came to experience the aliveness of my Being, the peace that is always here; in pain and in joy – and my devotion to being present deepened. As my mind and body healed, the wisdom of my Soul woke up.

In discovering peace in the present moment, I also discovered my multi-dimensionality. In connecting with my Soul family, I awakened to my Soul purpose.

Today I work in service as a bridge between worlds – channeling frequencies that awaken you to your divinity, and your ability to heal and transform your life. Our sessions together support you to heal and restore the connection to your inner being, unlock the wisdom of your heart, and embody your highest Self in daily life.

I felt so many things… I shifted from weak and scared feeling to overly masculine and analytical, to calm, balanced and tuned-in. Your energy work brought me down into beautiful mother earth and up into the cosmos. I felt held by my spirit guides and nurtured by a strong motherly love, which was a foreign feeling. Your gifts are absolutely incredible, Liz. YOU are an incredible gift. Ash



I don’t follow a learned formula, I follow energy – your energy. Depending upon your individual energy, I may be guided to walk your Soul timeline to release trauma, attachments and ancestral baggage that is impeding on your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. This may also lead me to clear and restore ancestral lines, from the past and into the future. Earth-based and multi-dimensional healing is channeled to clear old patterning, and awaken you to a new way of being. Sessions often include the use of sound bowls or light language, and offer you practical guidance and tools to navigate daily life.

As a channel, I connect with high transmissions of energy, and share guidance received for your Soul’s healing and growth. The guidance does not fortune tell – my gifts are in illuminating shadow energy (limiting beliefs), assisting you to experience true peace. The energy transmissions often start from the moment you book your session. You may begin to notice an internal shift, and be inspired to take an active role in your healing.

Soul mentoring is not a quick fix – ongoing sessions help to awaken your heart, and ascend your soul. You will be guided to compassionately recognise the inner patterning that shapes your experience of life. As your awareness expands, you can begin to heal, soothe and nurture love for yourself. You will feel empowered to live from an enlightened sense of Self. Your perspective will change as you experience more ease, clarity and spaciousness come into your life.

If you are unsure what service to select when booking in – honestly it doesn’t matter what session you choose. Yet if you know you are ready for some deep healing, please consider booking a longer session.

I facilitate healing sessions with beloved client’s across the globe, and locally in Australia via video call (Zoom). I look forward to returning to in-person healings, group sound healing and group workshops in Fremantle soon. If you’re feeling called to heal and expand, you can connect with me for an individual session online, or at a group online workshop.

With so much love, Liz x