Find peace in the presence of overwhelm, anxiety, pain, restlessness, heart-ache & sadness.

There is a way to restore your inner peace in our switched on, plugged in, fast paced culture. If you’re feeling a little wobbly in daily life, and recognise that your inner life needs attention, the Embodied Healing workshop has been created just for you.

As an energy intuitive and channel for Spirit, Liz understands that many of the wounds we feel yet can’t see, sit in our energetic field, connected to unresolved past lives, birth trauma, ancestral patterning (anger, oppression, abuse, addiction) and childhood traumas. When we experience anxiety, sadness, or pain, we seek soothing in ways that keep us asleep – distracted, numb and in denial of the power we have to shift the experience. Yet as we awaken, we begin to see that our anxiety, sadness, disconnection, overwhelm, heartache, anger or restlessness, are also gateways to the peace we seek.

We each have unconscious wounds that can be triggered countless times a day. Most often when we know something needs to change within, we attempt change at a physical or mental level – and quickly feel frustrated. However the wounds that direct much of our unconscious behaviour, sit unseen in the energetic body – they must be healed at a Soul level. Awareness alone, is not always enough to facilitate healing. This is where embodied healing comes in – empowering you to change your inner, and outer experience in daily life.

Perhaps you resonate with a mild state of sleep walking? You’re moving through, things get done, yet you’re far from the experience of thriving, or awake to the beauty of the present moment.

What to Expect

The Embodied Healing workshop offers a grounded, and enlightened approach to navigating the energy of yourself and your life. Liz has studied energy within herself, and the world around her, since her own awakening in 2012. In that time, she discovered a way of being that has greatly assisted herself, and others (including children), to stay present to discomfort. She shares a simple practice that facilitates the soothing and release of energetic wounds associated with anxiety, sadness, anger, feelings of unworthiness, restlessness, disconnection and more.

Through out the afternoon, you will hear stories from Liz’s experiences awakening to subtle energy, and the unseen worlds, and you will learn how to move beyond the mental and emotional noise, to rest deeply in your “Bodhi Heart”. Participants will engage in a simple practice that can assist you to reclaim your peace, and begin healing at a Soul level. Liz is gifted at supporting others to drop the mask of human conditioning. Her grounded approach to healing, supports a natural unfolding of conscious awareness in those that attend her workshops and group healings.

We can no longer approach anxiety, depression, dis-ease, disconnection, restlessness, heart-ache and pain with the same limited thinking. We must each awaken and reconnect through the heart.


DATE: Sunday March 8th; 2 – 5pm

WHERE: Body Riches Center 302 South Tce, South Freo

INCLUDES: Light refreshments

BRING: Water bottle


Please email us below and we can add you to our waitlist to hear when this workshop opens again.
I wanted to share I now understand that to be in my body and be connected with my heart I need to learn to feel all emotions not just the happy positive ones. I understand I need connection to my deeper self again – my heart self. I have realised I give so much energy to everyone else !!! and that I don’t actually giveback to me in the form of “feeling” which would deplete my energy. I can still have self love and feel the shadows and darkness I have realised. ~ Lisbeth

I can’t be more thankful of the cozy safe space you created and it opened my mind. I finished the class in awe of how refreshed, connected and rested I felt, thank you so much for the amazing experience! I’ll definitely be back!

I worked with Liz and wow…what a beautiful, shining light she is. I felt completely safe and held through our entire session. Liz was able to draw out blockages and introduce me to myself in a beautiful new way. These sessions are not just the time at Bodhi, they stretch for a long while after. What you learn about yourself and the deep feeling of support continues. ~ Ash