As a community we hold the intention to heal the past, flow within the present and awaken the future.


Bodhi Heart is both a healing space, and a growing community. The services and events offered, facilitate healing, and are a catalyst for awakening. Shifting your perspective, lifting your vibration, and creating connection to the abundant light within you, and the light around you. We understand that it is not always possible to do this alone. It truly does take a village – and so we offer you the beginnings of what will one day be an abundant village of intuitive healers, mediums, mentors and shamans – to walk this path with you.

At its core, Bodhi Heart is here to support the individual and collective healing and awakening of your soul. Collaborating together, Natalie and Liz offer individual soul sessions Monday to Saturday. We also facilitate spiritual expansion workshops, group sound and energy healing, workshops, retreats and heart-led energy training to assist you in your journey. If you feel inspired to join us, please do.

Please note that workshops fill fast, and events are offered to the Bodhi Heart community first. Sign up to hear about events as they are released.

Bodhi Heart offers a compassionate approach to healing, centred on awakening the wisdom that lives within you.

Bodhi Heart was birthed from a shared dream, shared passions, and a yearning for community by Natalie Seigne and Liz Smith.


As individual healing practitioners and mentors, we discovered that our purpose and individual practice was very similar. As we shared our desire to create a centre for soul healing and awakening, we realised that we were mirrors for each other. It was a joyful moment when we realised that spirit had led us to each other in partnership, to bring Bodhi Heart to life. As devoted mother’s with full and engaging family lives, it is with great trust, and a good dose of surrender that we bring this work to the community. Bodhi Heart is created for us, and for all who seek to heal and awaken.



Natalie Seigne – Healer, Channel & Soul Guide

Natalie is a devoted Spiritual Healer with over 15years experience working with clients, locally and globally. Providing 1:1 healings and spiritual guidance, group work and mentorship. Natalie intuitively understands the needs of each client, respecting and following the clear guidance of energy and spirit. Natalie specialises in healing, spiritual guidance, trans-mediumship, shamanic healing and telepathy. Natalie is clairvoyant and clairsentient. Natalie assists with the relief of trauma, anxiety, depression and feelings of stuckness. She is also able to speak directly to the soul and unconscious mind, shifting energy to evoke powerful soul healing and purposeful living. Natalie helps her clients to grow their relationships with themselves and others, to attract in abundance, love, peace and calm strength. Natalie,  compassionately provides healing, spiritual counselling and guidance. Learn more…

Liz Smith – Channel, Energy Intuitive, Soul Healing & Embodiment Teacher

It is a joy to assist in the awakening and healing of your Self and Soul – helping you to feel at ease, and in alignment. With the help of many celestial guides, I share high transmissions of light to clear your energy field, restore your Soul and align your vibration with your emerging Self. As a channel, I share guidance for your Soul’s healing and growth, facilitating an experience of peace, and inspiring you to play an active role in your healing. As your heart awakens, I teach you to compassionately recognise your inner patterning and how to heal, soothe and nurture love for yourself. Learn more…