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We have much compassion for humanity, as it moves through heightened surges of fear based emotions at this time. We kindly urge you to seek the highest understanding of fear, and why you may feel what you do. To bring conscious awareness to the emotions you are cycling through, from a human perspective – this requires courage.

We, the Council of Crystalline Light see you doing your best, and yet many are not doing the most simple of things – to awaken to support beyond what you can humanly see, hear or touch in your dimension. As your heart opens, human emotions are heightened, yet they arise only as a marker of sorts, a point of interest. Emotions as understood by human kind, merely provides you with a context for the energy you are navigating.

If you take anger for an example, when anger is experienced, there is an energetic contraction of the heart space. Ongoing experiences of anger create a blockage in the heart, severing the ability for one to feel emotions (energetic information) underlying the anger. If anger continues to be the dominate experience, energy blockages become what you know to be heart health problems. What is required in this situation, is a softening of the armour one creates to protect themselves from perceived hurt, pain and rejection.

As you awaken to your multidimensionality, anger, sadness and fear are no longer personal. Emotions become a cosmic, energetic portal into a higher dimension, from which you can learn to access new resources from within you. Here too, you will discover that your true self and untethered soul reside. 

As you rest in the higher dimensions of being, you will experience a distance between you and the emotion. You will witness emotion with “fresh perspective” – through a wider lens, creating a distance between the mind projected “you” and the real you. This is the ever evolving, infinite you, the one that desires to learn and grow beyond fear.

All experiences of fear are an opportunity to move closer to love. Love is not an emotion, nor is it an experience to obtain – love is. Always here, in everything and in the nothing. It is the is-ness from which all things arise, including your self and the human identity you have become accustom too. It is in your avoidance of fear, that you move further away from the portal in which you become one with love.

And so let us remind you, do not fear the emotions that surface. As old programs, memories and conditioning come up for clearing, ground yourself deeper into this human experience. Feel your feet on the ground, the wind on your face – for these experiences are you too. Blessed are you for having the experience of emotions – this is what you came here for. Know that you are never truly alone.

See fear as a direct portal to love – love will assist in freeing you from the confines of the human mind. As you meet fear, know that the love within you can stretch large enough to hold the fear – there are no limitations on love. As you do this, you may come to feel love as an experience of peace, joy, bliss or gratitude – yes these are expressions of love. Love itself can not be confined by such words. Meet your emotions and you will see!

So we say dance, sing, blow bubbles if this brings you more joy. Find pleasure in small things. It is true that you are a spirit being, having a human being experience. Do not deny yourself the full spectrum of your emotions. You can not chase away fear with fear. You must learn to dance with it – let fear teach you about the true nature of who you are.

As channeled by Liz Smith September 20th 2019


An Invitation to Support Yourself

I wish to personally expand on this channeled message. At Bodhi Heart, Natalie and I see many people challenged by anxiety, induced by fear-based living. A large part of my personal soul journey, has been learning how to hold myself, and dance through anxiety. The human body carries programming, memories, and trauma that keep you in a cycle of fear based living.

It is of high priority to support your central nervous system. A relaxed nervous system, and toned vagus nerve can help you to hold the surge of memories and conditioning that come up for clearing. As you experience a remembering of old wounds, we encourage you to ask for help, and to support yourself with kind practices that help you to stay in your body.

If you require support and practices to navigate the emotions that are coming up to be witnessed, please reach out to us at Bodhi Heart. Gift yourself the experience of being seen, heard and understood at a soul level. To learn about Soul Sessions and mentoring, we invite you to discover more here.