“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~ Rumi

On the back of another Expand event, we want to share a little snippet of the goodness that arises at these monthly classes. This month we explored spiritual guidance and connection, ignited by the questions below. Whilst this article doesn’t give a full account of the content shared, we hope it encourages you to follow your intuition, and join us at a future event soon.

What does it mean to channel?

What does it mean to increase your vibration?

What do you have to do to receive clear guidance from your Guides?

How do you increase your intuition and create further opportunities for awakening?

To increase your vibration, expand awareness and intuition, and develop a stronger relationship with your inner self and spiritual guides – is a daily practice. It is not a doing, rather it is living into your spiritual heart moment to moment. Similar to a walking prayer, every moment, no matter how small, is an opportunity to be love. Each moment that you are conscious, you can choose to be in communion with your inner world, to expand your relationship with the outer world.


Big Love Happens in the Small Moments

As I channelled the content for this month’s Expand gathering, I asked my spiritual guides this question, “what are the small things that I do every day that bring me closer (to God/Essence/Divinity), that help me to expand?” Everything is sacred when you take time to notice.

And the reply was, “It isn’t just one thing, it is a way of living. It is about your relationship with yourself more than anything else. It isn’t just about growing your vibration, it is a daily consistent intention.” It is not a case of splitting your spiritual practice – such as yoga or meditation into insular pockets through out the day. It is a whole way of being.

Begin at the start. Park the tools, the chakras, park everything and go to the beginning. Ground into yourself, open your heart. When Rumi wrote ‘the wounds are where the light comes in’, he was right. Not only for awakening and awareness, but when we feel – through having a direct experience of our heart, we can communicate more openly to our guides and higher self.

Before you commit to beginning a spiritual practice, be clear on your intention. Have you stopped to ask, and make your intentions clear? It may be obvious to you, yet I encourage you to invite your guides closer. Let them know that you want to get to know them. In my experience, I have noticed that we forget to ask.


A Grounded Approach to Spirituality

How do we move beyond “learned” spirituality, to a grounded, direct experience of our deeper self, our guides and our divinity? One answer might be, to become a walking prayer. Spread love. Speak to your guides, send love. Constantly show up with your heart. Another answer might be, to consider that you are in sacred relationship to all of life. Be willing to get vulnerable. Every moment, person and event is an opportunity to choose love.

First thing in the morning, is the highest vibration for you to create daily abundance. You get to choose how you want to feel each day. Ask to be LOVE. If you need some musical inspiration, do yourself a favour and seek out the Indie Arie song, I am Light.

And remember, if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Bring in rituals that are fun for you. Focus on practices that prioritise your self-care, and support your heart to open. Anything that you choose to do that makes you feel, will bring you closer to guidance. You can channel the highest guidance through experiences that bring joy. Your heart must be open. This is why your relationship with yourself is important.


Wisdom for your Awakening Heart

As we gather at Expand, we share the intention to connect with our intuition, elevate our vibration and expand our light. To help you in daily life, speak to your guides throughout the day. Be in constant communion. Slow your breath, to slow your mind. Keep away from external comparison, everyone is different and will connect in their own unique way. Keep in mind that meditation is not where all guidance comes in, soul wisdom and higher guidance can drop in at the most random of times, and places.

When you can see yourself as love and light, others see you this way too. This opens up the highest fields of vibration and guidance. Like a beautiful sunset – you are the rays that light up the sky. To know that as truth, it’s time to get out of the books, out of the head and seek genuine connection, through an authentic relationship with yourself, others and your spiritual team.

Expand content as channeled by Natalie Seigne.

We are sending a heartfelt thank you to our community, who has been joining us for these events. We love and appreciate the community that is growing here, and we look forward to creating space for more. If you would like to attend our next Expand event, please visit here to learn more.