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What is a Shaman and what is a shamanic healing? When this question is asked of me, I often stumble and find it challenging to summarise an answer. I proudly consider myself a Shaman, and shamanic healing is something that Liz and I lovingly engage in everyday. In writing this article, I hope to illuminate shamanism from our lived experience and perspective, therefore it does not and can not represent all Shaman’s and shamanic healers.

It was never my intention to become a Shaman. I know that Liz feels the same way, that we did not seek out this path. I actually had no idea that Shaman’s existed, let alone what they did, until 3 years ago when I had my palms read and was told of my shamanic roots. I must have looked puzzled! It is funny how life twists, to take us on paths we never knew were possible. 

Liz awakened to her gifts as a shamanic healer in a rather different way. Whilst under the mentorship of a healing practitioner, she awakened slowly to the incessant rattle from a Shaman in spirit form. This Shaman (Native American), along with a group of cosmic beings, have been guiding Liz via the spirit realms ever since.


The non-linear path of our shamanic training.

We honour that the recognised path of a Shaman, is one of intense training by elders and shamanic communities. However for us, our path was not so linear. Shamanic teachings have mostly been birthed through an unlocking of our soul wisdom, guided by spirit. We understand, and have been shown by spirit, that we have spent lifetimes as healers, facilitating shamanic soul healings. Our past life history expands from Native American, Hawaiian and Peruvian lineage.  

In this life, it has been a case of shedding the skin of who we thought we were. This has included our titles and comfort in western life (being ‘normal’) – to that of our authentic selves. For us, we are living our soul purpose, affectionately accepting our weirdness by western standards. We embrace the path of self-responsibility with respect, and a healthy dose of humour for our humanness.


Is it possible to be trained and certified in shamanic healing?

This is a wonderful question to hold. Our experience is one of shamanism being woven into our purpose, and the tapestry of our soul. Once awakened, we are unable to walk away from who we are, nor our understanding of our interconnectedness to all of life. It is the heart of a Shaman that activates the healing capabilities of those who stand in this light. 

Can shamanism be taught? Our experience of shamanism has been one of remembering our Shaman nature, as felt through the heart. We did not become Shaman’s, we always were, and we continue to remember this way of being.

You will know if you are called to this path, because you will likely want to turn away from it many times. The heart of a Shaman is full of love and compassion, and the way is one of self-responsibility. As we connect into oneness, we accept the reflection of all beings who request our assistance.


So what is it exactly that we do as Shaman’s?

We surrender to the energy and guidance that spirit guides bring forward, stepping into another’s soul, to restore light and life force energy. A Shaman must be able to surrender to the highest guides of holy light, and grace filled energy. Being of service, embracing a deep trust and loving relationship between Spirit and self. When this is felt, all healing expands.

Soul healings can alter a person’s experience of physical, mental and emotional pain and anguish. In our experience, a Shaman does not work alone and lives with a deep trust in universal law. Liz and I are guided by a team of energies and spiritual mentors, blessing and guiding each healing session. We are conduits for divine energy, made of grace and sacred light. Acting as a bridge between worlds – we channel energy and guidance with an open and loving heart.

As Shaman’s we have been guided to break energy cords, remove the energy of trauma held in the body, heal ancestral cords, birth wounds, the soul ache of heart break, and remove demonic and heavy attachments and curses. A Shaman is also able to balance and lift heavy energy, that can be experienced as fatigue, feelings of ‘stuckness’, depression and anxiety; restoring self love, compassion and kindness to self.

I often use telepathy to read the soul of another – if this is required for healing. We work with the chakra system, the tree of life, symbols and energy flow. We are often guided by Spirit to use sound, light language, herbs, plant medicines, blessed water and aromatics to activate different elements of healing.

At the deepest level, a Shaman will channel healing that can change your internal landscape (soul, vibration, energy flow). This will in turn create a change in your external environment.

This is a case of universal law. Our day-to-day experiences and our relationship to all things, are a reflection of our internal environment. A Shaman can help you to understand your soul purpose, providing clearing tools and guidance on how to break negative life cycles and vibrations.


Soul lines and soul retrievals.

Liz and I recognise that often to help people move forward in their lives, we must go back in time and step on a soul line. Guided by spirit, we are taken back in time, to heal, replenish soul light, and restore soul wholeness. Many cultures who practise shamanic healing refer to this as a ‘soul retrieval’. From my experience, I don’t feel we lose parts of our soul. I feel that our soul light gets dimmed, and though the grace of divine spirit, we are able to turn your soul light up to full strength, and glorious beauty.

We all deserve to walk our life’s path with the fullness of our soul light – to feel strong in our connection to our divinity. Each of us deserves to experience a balance of masculine and feminine energy, (being head and heart energy), and to feel harmonious, healthy, joy-filled, loved and loving. A shamanic healing can bring illumination of your light – hallelujah to the beauty of YOU!


What a Shaman at Bodhi Heart will not do.

Liz and I will not tell you what to do, what path to take, or predict your future. Soul sessions reconnect you into your soul light, opening you to your soul wisdom and divine inspiration. Your highest guides will not directly tell you either. We do not fortune tell, future predict or tell anyone which door they should walk through. Our role is to deliver the guidance as directed by spirit, “leading you to water”, guiding you towards your authentic path.  

Through us, spirit will guide you as we nurture your humanness and soul with love – yet your decisions are yours to make. It is also possible to block the healing gifted from spirit. A person must be open to accept love. For this reason, we do not recommend that you insist a loved one has a healing. If a person rejects love, it is possible that they may resist the healing, their heart will stay closed – preventing access to the soul. Instead we encourage you to trust in divine timing, honouring the path each unique soul is on.

Thank you for reading with a curious and open heart! We trust that this article has helped you to understand our offerings as shamanic healers here at Bodhi Heart.  If you have further questions, please get in touch, and we would be happy to help.